Twenty {real} Things You May or May Not Know About Me


1. I have four tattoos. They are: a flying bird on my chest, (extreme!) a circle on each arm with Eric and I's initials, and a symbol of infinity at the base of my neck.
2. I am a serious animal lover. All animals (I want to say I have favorites but that wouldn't be fair of me).
3. I learned how to water-ski when I was eleven.
4. Piano playing almost always moves me to tears.
5. I fell in love with Eric "at first sight," could envision us raising a family and living happily ever after.
6. Being a good mother is the single most important thing to me now that I am a mother.
7. My one vice is sweets. Especially chocolate.
8. I make a very strong effort to only eat organic food (and now that I live in Portland, Oregon, I try to eat local organic).
9. I am a singer/songwriter. Taught myself how to play guitar when I was 15. Yeeeup!
10. If I had to pick one would be my grandma.
11. I am a home birth advocate. Had my little girl at home and would do it all over again.
12. I would like to learn how to play the harmonica. Then I could sound more like Bob Dylan.
13. I used to be a smoker. In my head, I'll always be one. But never again in the flesh.
14. I think mountains are the most amazing force and love living near them.
15. I have a dog. Her name is Redwood.
16. I L-O-V-E being outside. So does my daughter, Ella. I think it rubbed off on her (because her daddy loves being outside too).
17. This is direct relation to #16: I think paintings of nature are beautiful but stepping out into the "artwork in motion" (aka, outside) is even better.
18. My favorite color is (are) all color(s) (even puke green).
19. I am near sighted, which means far away things are blurry.
20. I like to smile. A lot. I smile very often.
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You're a Celebrity! Didn't You Know?

10. 30.09

I love socializing on Twitter (I've become infatuated with Twitter because I'm finally figuring out how to use it).
With a lot of practice and observation, I am slowly recognizing my unique ability to network.
I had been over-thinking it.
I was wondering how the heck I could bring up anything marketing related without seeming like I was trying to make a sales pitch.
Personal development statements eluded me as well. I felt like a preacher at my "status update" pulpit.
People say Twitter doesn't work or they don't "get" it.
The key to positive interaction, making new connections and additional followers is being natural, honest and easy going.
That's what has worked for me anyway.
I've started conversations, and most importantly, I've been more aware of listening to what other people have to say and then responding to their questions, thoughts and the like.
One thing I've seen people do on Twitter that I CAN'T STAND...
I detest quotes from famous people. Oh my god. It irks me to no end!
I don't care about what Helen Keller said! Or Albert Einstein! Maybe Tim Robins...
But come on, it's got to relate...I can't stand random Tweets from the ancient mouth of Mother Theresa. It's nice I guess...but no. Stop.
Everybody is a Celebrity!
Isn't that what everyone participating in the Social Media scene wants? Someone to care? Someone who is interested in what they are doing?
Well guess what dummie? We ARE!
(keep this in mind - when you walk into a cafe shop or you're getting your hair done, which magazine do you pick up first? Time or People? I'm guessing the latter...)
I want to know where you grew up, whether you parents are divorced and what age you were when they separated if they are, if you're a dog person or a cat person. I want to know if you like your job, or you have any kids. I want to know what your favorite desert is and when the last time was that you went on vacation.
You get my point.
Get out there and don't just be somebody, be YOU! You're practically famous!

Join the Best Network Marketing System or D.I.Y.? This is a Question I Aim to Answer!


There are currently two big time network marketing systems available online that I am researching.
They are MLM Lead System Pro by Norbert O. and Ryan F., and the much newer 7 Figure Networker, by Jonathan Budd and Jason Shawver.
They are very similar in their aim: to provide fast and easy, duplicable marketing systems that anyone can use.
Each system provides pre-made capture pages, sales pages and email Auto Responders that are already written and ready to go. All you have to do is insert your unique link at the bottom of the page, or upload your personal video on their capture pages.
Such systems are as brilliant as they are l-a-m-e.
Here are the Pros and Cons about joining an online marketing "system"...
Why They're Awesome
Having your capture page, sales page, and auto-responders already created for you makes jumping into the game a cinch.
As a stay at home mom with a child under one year old, it has taken me exactly one week to set up my ENTIRE sales funnel from start to finish, including one written article with a link to MY unique affilate ID capture page. If my prospect enters their information, the receive an 8 Day Bootcamp with a follow up series provided.
The total amount of hours I spent working on setting all of this up was...get this...2 hours.
I don't have a lot of time on my hands, so it was an absolutely great feeling to have something "in place" in such a short amount of time. Now I can sit back and wait for the leads to come in! (yeah right)
Why Systems Suck
After I set up my marketing funnel, I went to my capture page and filled in my own information to test the system (which worked beautifully, might I add).
I checked my email account and sure enough, there was the first day of the 8 Day Bootcamp email sitting unopened in my inbox.
I opened the email, and as I read through I realized, Wow, this is so not me.
I didn't write the email - it was blatently obvious. Those words did not capture MY essence. And I personally think that being authentic, transparent and original are what get you places in business (especially when using social media marketing).
Another thing: I've seen SO many capture pages and sales pages out there. Honestly, if I click a link and see one of those pre-made identical pages with someone's video in the middle of the page, I close it within seconds. Don't care. Total loss of interest.
I think this might be a significant drawback to systems!

**** **** ****

As the weeks go on I will continue to document my experience using these two systems, first with Jonathan Budd's The 7 Figure Networker, and then moving on to thoroughly examine the inner workings of MLM Lead System Pro.
Stay tuned for more musings over the new, and quite hot for now, 7 Figure Networker system.

My Admiration

October 15, 2009

Who do you most admire?
That can be a tough question to answer.
I tend to dislike saintly answers such as, "Mother Theresa," and have even more distaste for those who regard movie stars or other artists like Michaelangelo.
Fine, I grant you permission to admire them.
But the question was, who do you most admire?
Dig deep. Really think about it.
You cannot, in my opinion, really admire someone you've never met. Someone you don't know behind closed doors.
I'm going to tell you who I most admire. I'd like to say I know this person pretty well.
I have true, deep admiration for my fiance, Eric Walker.
The feeling is different than love. It's one of respect.
I have always felt this way, since the early days when I was just getting to know him and I watched how he acted and spoke around people when he didn't know I was watching (that's the true test of character).
I liked the way he conducted himself. He was kind, and pleasant, but always honest, never sugar-coating (unless he was, which is an attribute he considers more of a skill).
This admiration has grown ten-fold over the past year.
Eric has been literally working his ass off, non-stop, for about a year and a half now.
And it is really paying off.
He has completely "broken in," on the scene in the hot, fast pace world of internet marketing.
You could say he's a star (we joke about that quite often).
But seriously, I cannot be more serious when I say this - he has earned it.
He is the living proof to the testament, 'with hard work comes great rewards.'
Busting your tail - working 12-14 hour days from home, (with a newborn in the house!) is no small feat.
There have been challenges.
We've had our arguments.
And yet, we always end up on the other side, up to our ears in love, because we're playing for the same team.
I believe in him.
More than that, I am grateful.
Because while Eric is work, work, working, I get to be a stay-at-home mom.
That means the world to me.
We're getting to the place which at one time only seemed a far off fantasy (and still is for many, many people).
This path we're on leads to a beautiful picture: financial and personal freedom. Freedom!
No more long days of work that leads into the wee hours of the morning.
No more budgeting, waiting to buy groceries until the next paycheck.
No more dept! ((that's a BIG one))
And even better, we're going to be able to live ANYWHERE.
That is what's so great about working from your laptop.
Okay, I've rambled on long enough.
My original point was...oh yeah, who I most admire.
So, who do you most admire?
Think it through.
Could it be you?

Life is a Balancing Act

I have the tendency to be emotional and emotionally driven in my actions.
But this is a characteristic that I'd like to slowly change, evolving out of.
I still want to feel of course, but I would like for there to be a base camp of "calm."
My fiance, Eric gave me some great advice very early on in our relationship. He noticed a manic thread which seemed uncontrollable if unchecked (which was true).
The advice he gave was this: "there is a line," and holding out his arm, he moved his hand slowly from his body outward. "This is the line, here in the middle. And up here," he hand rose higher, "is really good..." Lowering his hand far below that imaginary line, he said, "and down here, this is really bad. I'd like to stay here," his hand returning back to where it had began, "right in the middle."
I looked at him, pondering what he'd just described. Thinking it made more sense to me than anything I'd ever heard.
He continued saying, "I think you should try it. It might be good for you."
He was right.
I keep that in mind now. It helps me "level out" and reminds me not to let one thing make or ruin my day.
It reminds me that life is not taking me for a ride, rather, I'm taking a ride called life.
To me, there is a huge difference.

Why You're Here


Let me tell you some reasons why you're here and why you'll want to come back:

1. I'm a really nice person, and this is your chance to get to know me.
2. If you're not interested in reading, maybe you're interested in listening. Visit my Music Videos section to hear some of my music!
3. Would you like to learn how to use Blogger? I can teach you.
4. Maybe you'd like to connect with someone who had a home birth. That's me.
5. You're a stay-at-home mom who'd like a friend. Me too. Connect by leaving a comment below.
6. Want to learn how to use Squarespace? (another blogging platform) I can show you how to do that too.
7. What about making video? I love making videos! I'll answer a few questions/show you the ropes of Camtasia Studios.
8. Like organic food and nutrition? Lets swap knowledge!

No matter what the reason you are here, I'm glad you are, and welcome you to come back and visit whenever you'd like.