Twenty {real} Things You May or May Not Know About Me


1. I have four tattoos. They are: a flying bird on my chest, (extreme!) a circle on each arm with Eric and I's initials, and a symbol of infinity at the base of my neck.
2. I am a serious animal lover. All animals (I want to say I have favorites but that wouldn't be fair of me).
3. I learned how to water-ski when I was eleven.
4. Piano playing almost always moves me to tears.
5. I fell in love with Eric "at first sight," could envision us raising a family and living happily ever after.
6. Being a good mother is the single most important thing to me now that I am a mother.
7. My one vice is sweets. Especially chocolate.
8. I make a very strong effort to only eat organic food (and now that I live in Portland, Oregon, I try to eat local organic).
9. I am a singer/songwriter. Taught myself how to play guitar when I was 15. Yeeeup!
10. If I had to pick one would be my grandma.
11. I am a home birth advocate. Had my little girl at home and would do it all over again.
12. I would like to learn how to play the harmonica. Then I could sound more like Bob Dylan.
13. I used to be a smoker. In my head, I'll always be one. But never again in the flesh.
14. I think mountains are the most amazing force and love living near them.
15. I have a dog. Her name is Redwood.
16. I L-O-V-E being outside. So does my daughter, Ella. I think it rubbed off on her (because her daddy loves being outside too).
17. This is direct relation to #16: I think paintings of nature are beautiful but stepping out into the "artwork in motion" (aka, outside) is even better.
18. My favorite color is (are) all color(s) (even puke green).
19. I am near sighted, which means far away things are blurry.
20. I like to smile. A lot. I smile very often.

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