Life is a Balancing Act

I have the tendency to be emotional and emotionally driven in my actions.
But this is a characteristic that I'd like to slowly change, evolving out of.
I still want to feel of course, but I would like for there to be a base camp of "calm."
My fiance, Eric gave me some great advice very early on in our relationship. He noticed a manic thread which seemed uncontrollable if unchecked (which was true).
The advice he gave was this: "there is a line," and holding out his arm, he moved his hand slowly from his body outward. "This is the line, here in the middle. And up here," he hand rose higher, "is really good..." Lowering his hand far below that imaginary line, he said, "and down here, this is really bad. I'd like to stay here," his hand returning back to where it had began, "right in the middle."
I looked at him, pondering what he'd just described. Thinking it made more sense to me than anything I'd ever heard.
He continued saying, "I think you should try it. It might be good for you."
He was right.
I keep that in mind now. It helps me "level out" and reminds me not to let one thing make or ruin my day.
It reminds me that life is not taking me for a ride, rather, I'm taking a ride called life.
To me, there is a huge difference.

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