My Admiration

October 15, 2009

Who do you most admire?
That can be a tough question to answer.
I tend to dislike saintly answers such as, "Mother Theresa," and have even more distaste for those who regard movie stars or other artists like Michaelangelo.
Fine, I grant you permission to admire them.
But the question was, who do you most admire?
Dig deep. Really think about it.
You cannot, in my opinion, really admire someone you've never met. Someone you don't know behind closed doors.
I'm going to tell you who I most admire. I'd like to say I know this person pretty well.
I have true, deep admiration for my fiance, Eric Walker.
The feeling is different than love. It's one of respect.
I have always felt this way, since the early days when I was just getting to know him and I watched how he acted and spoke around people when he didn't know I was watching (that's the true test of character).
I liked the way he conducted himself. He was kind, and pleasant, but always honest, never sugar-coating (unless he was, which is an attribute he considers more of a skill).
This admiration has grown ten-fold over the past year.
Eric has been literally working his ass off, non-stop, for about a year and a half now.
And it is really paying off.
He has completely "broken in," on the scene in the hot, fast pace world of internet marketing.
You could say he's a star (we joke about that quite often).
But seriously, I cannot be more serious when I say this - he has earned it.
He is the living proof to the testament, 'with hard work comes great rewards.'
Busting your tail - working 12-14 hour days from home, (with a newborn in the house!) is no small feat.
There have been challenges.
We've had our arguments.
And yet, we always end up on the other side, up to our ears in love, because we're playing for the same team.
I believe in him.
More than that, I am grateful.
Because while Eric is work, work, working, I get to be a stay-at-home mom.
That means the world to me.
We're getting to the place which at one time only seemed a far off fantasy (and still is for many, many people).
This path we're on leads to a beautiful picture: financial and personal freedom. Freedom!
No more long days of work that leads into the wee hours of the morning.
No more budgeting, waiting to buy groceries until the next paycheck.
No more dept! ((that's a BIG one))
And even better, we're going to be able to live ANYWHERE.
That is what's so great about working from your laptop.
Okay, I've rambled on long enough.
My original point was...oh yeah, who I most admire.
So, who do you most admire?
Think it through.
Could it be you?

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