You're a Celebrity! Didn't You Know?

10. 30.09

I love socializing on Twitter (I've become infatuated with Twitter because I'm finally figuring out how to use it).
With a lot of practice and observation, I am slowly recognizing my unique ability to network.
I had been over-thinking it.
I was wondering how the heck I could bring up anything marketing related without seeming like I was trying to make a sales pitch.
Personal development statements eluded me as well. I felt like a preacher at my "status update" pulpit.
People say Twitter doesn't work or they don't "get" it.
The key to positive interaction, making new connections and additional followers is being natural, honest and easy going.
That's what has worked for me anyway.
I've started conversations, and most importantly, I've been more aware of listening to what other people have to say and then responding to their questions, thoughts and the like.
One thing I've seen people do on Twitter that I CAN'T STAND...
I detest quotes from famous people. Oh my god. It irks me to no end!
I don't care about what Helen Keller said! Or Albert Einstein! Maybe Tim Robins...
But come on, it's got to relate...I can't stand random Tweets from the ancient mouth of Mother Theresa. It's nice I guess...but no. Stop.
Everybody is a Celebrity!
Isn't that what everyone participating in the Social Media scene wants? Someone to care? Someone who is interested in what they are doing?
Well guess what dummie? We ARE!
(keep this in mind - when you walk into a cafe shop or you're getting your hair done, which magazine do you pick up first? Time or People? I'm guessing the latter...)
I want to know where you grew up, whether you parents are divorced and what age you were when they separated if they are, if you're a dog person or a cat person. I want to know if you like your job, or you have any kids. I want to know what your favorite desert is and when the last time was that you went on vacation.
You get my point.
Get out there and don't just be somebody, be YOU! You're practically famous!

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